Patrick O'Dea 

Represented by TANDM Talent Mangement

Height: 5'10"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black


Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death                  Jerry Stuart/Lead                              Red Marble Media

Educational Theatre 

Julio Down by the Schoolyard                              Joe & Butchy                              Schaeberle Theatre

Machinal                                                            Defense Lawyer etc.                        Schaeberle Theatre

My Country (Original Work)                              Police Officer etc.                             Fine Arts Theatre

Clybourne Park                                                        Jim & Steve                                 Fine Arts Theatre

Q.E.D. (Original Work)                                        Samson & Adam                             Fine Arts Theatre

Season’s Greetings                                                      Neville                                     Fine Arts Theatre



BFA Acting - Pace School of Performing Arts May 2020, AA Acting - Broward College, Matthew Bonifacio (TV/Film), David Bellantoni



Lester Shane (Voice & Speech), Gregory Frens (Vocal Production)


Richard Crawford (Lecoq & Feldenkrais Movement), Michael Chin (Certified Unarmed Stage Combat), Grandmaster Joo-Yul-Oh (Tae Kwon Do Center)

 Special Skills 

Martial Arts Training, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Percussionist, Unarmed Combat Dialects (Proficient in IPA), Weightlifting, Swimming, Driver’s License, U.S. Passport, Finger Drumming 

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